About Company

Tea plantations in the mountains regions of Sri Lanka are give to mankind the best kinds of black tea in the world. The cost of some high grades of tea can reach several tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars per pound! But at the same time consumption of this golden drink continues to increase from year to year.

Tea House Limited company has official registration in Great Britain, but core business is located on Sri Lanka. Exactly here there are one of the largest auctions of the world by the selling of large consignments of tea of different grades and types. Mister Dinesh Ranatunga, the founder and owner of the Tea House Limited company, the citizen of Great Britain, but is a native of Sri Lanka and very well knows the tea business. Tea House Limited company was created in 1999 and since then significantly strengthened own line items in the international tea market. Developing the international cooperation and finding the new markets, the Tea House Limited company under a wise management of mister Dinesh Ranatunga increases sales volumes and develops the new directions of growth of the company.

The essence of activities of our company.

From the head office of the company in London, teatesters and traders of the company coming to Colombo, buying big batches of tea of all types and grades at the tea auction. The company places special emphasis on purchasing of elite mountain grades of tea which are in huge demand in Great Britain. All know that Great Britain is a world leader of the tea consumption including its elite grades. Therefore we are always sure that our products will always find own buyer. Except Great Britain the noticeable growth of the market of consumption of elite grades of tea is shown by such countries as Norway, Russia and Germany. And it opens for us the new prospects of development and expansion of the commercial interests in these countries.

Specifics of this business. Prospects of development.

The trading of large volumes of elite grades of tea has the specific peculiar properties. The main problem consists in two nuances.

The first nuance is that in comparison with world demand, reserves of elite tea resources are limited and can't be increased by simple expansion of tea plantations because it has the soil and climatic restrictions. And as a result – for any batch of elite tea is always competitive demand which always generates a certain rise in purchasing price.

The second nuance is that any batch of any tea which is grown up on Sri Lanka may be sold for export only at an auction. The transaction is performed by the principle "here and now" therefore our traders need to have a certain quantity of a money in an reserve to have real chances to purchase the tea amounts interesting us.

Considering the fact that all tea auctions on Sri Lanka are held only under control of the goverment, it is easy to understand that our work and its successful effectiveness are a result of team work of all units of the company which work for common result as a single live organism.

Reaching a new stage of development, we came to a conclusion that new capital investments are necessary for us which can help us even more competitively and effectively perform purchases the more batches of elite grades of tea and have an opportunity to develop business of the company. To strengthen line items of Tea House Limited and to provide competitive prices in the world market of tea, we created an Internet resource which accepts funds of participants and uses this money for buying of additional batches of tea. Considering the fact that auctions constantly are held in Colombo, respectively, and money of investors are working constantly, bringing to everyone the stable income and a welfare.